KYUDO Management: a unique method

Inspired by the ancestral Japanese art of archery, KYUDO Management has been developed by Aurélie Sirdey. In Japanese archery, the practice is not to take many shots to hit the target. What matters is to achieve it with a single arrow. Kyudo emphasises the importance of knowing how to stop for a moment, focus and observe before releasing the arrow. The quality of the shot is dependent on this preparation. The archer must create calm, be at one with himself and remain open to his surroundings. The elegance of movement and the trajectory of the arrow will then seem simple, fluid and accurate.

Currently, reactivity (taking immediate action) and hyperactivity are often the responses to acceleration. By rushing and multiplying actions, we act in extreme haste, undermining the teams but also the strategy and the future. On the contrary, acting as a corporate entity involves accurately targeting with moderation and agility. KYUDO Management cultivates the balance between Zen Attitude (not acting under stress), Authenticity (being in harmony with oneself and the business) and External Openness (to the team, the market, clients and change). That makes action simple, fluid, accurate and able to hit the target dead-centre. This balance brings success in a context of acceleration. Just like archery, KYUDO Management is being tried, tested and practised.

By cultivating each individual's resources, sensory skills and openness to the world, KYUDO Management offers more inventiveness, effectiveness, meaning and pleasure; it can transform frozen states into creative impetus. It focuses on the essential so that action and attitude become the quintessence of performance. In this way, it makes it possible to deal with many challenges by once again setting in motion an effective productive dynamic within the company..